Business Broadband

In today’s digital day and age, every business owner needs quality broadband.

How will your team work effectively without Wi-Fi? Would your website or customers be affected by poor broadband?

Unlock seamless connectivity, priority support, and advanced security features when you pick the right business broadband deal.

Get started searching deals today or learn more below.

What is Business Broadband?

Business broadband is a type of internet service specifically designed for businesses.

It offers faster and more reliable internet connections compared to home broadband.

Business broadband typically comes with features such as priority support, static IP addresses, and enhanced security measures to meet the needs of modern day business owners.

Why Do I Need Business Broadband?

Having a strong online presence is crucial for staying competitive.

Business broadband offers benefits that standard home packages may not provide, such as:

Static IP address: If you operate servers or use VoIP, a static IP address is necessary. Unlike dynamic IPs, static addresses remain constant, allowing customers to connect reliably.

Website hosting: Hosting your business website requires reliable bandwidth, especially during peak times. Options include shared hosting, cloud-based servers, or dedicated servers, each with its own advantages.

Customer and technical support: Business broadband prioritizes uptime and provides dedicated support. Look for providers with comprehensive service level agreements (SLAs) to ensure prompt assistance.

Security: Business broadband packages include robust security features, safeguarding against cyber threats. Features such as antivirus and anti-spam filtering protect your website and internal systems, enhancing trustworthiness and credibility.

How can I Find the Right Business Broadband Deal for my Company?

With numerous options available, getting the right deal can be challenging. Let us assist you in finding the perfect internet provider for business broadband. Here's what you need to do:

  • Provide us with your postcode so we can display a range of fibre broadband and phone options available in your area.
  • Select your business type, allowing us to find options tailored to your requirements.
  • Arrange a call with our experts. They can address your queries and present you with personalised quotes from various business internet providers. If you're satisfied with the offers, Switch Experts can handle the setup over the phone.

What are the Benefits of Business Broadband?

Business broadband packages are tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses, offering essential features such as:

Enhanced security

24/7 customer support

Faster and more consistent speeds with business fibre

Additional services like VoIP (voice over internet protocol)

What Type of Business Broadband Deals Can I Get?

There are various types of business internet available, including:

  • Fibre to the cabinet (FTTC)
  • Fibre to the premises (FTTP)
  • Gigabit broadband
  • 5G mobile broadband

Unlike home broadband, business packages offer benefits such as static IP addresses, priority customer and technical support, and enhanced security features.

Let us help you find the ideal business broadband solution tailored to your specific needs.

Business Broadband and Phone Bundles

Similarly to home broadband, some providers offer bundled business broadband and phone packages, which can be cost-effective for companies needing both services.

Business broadband typically offers broader phone options, supporting additional phone lines, non-geographic numbers, and VoIP systems.

You have the choice to include phone options when comparing business broadband.

Mobile business broadband may also be available as part of a package, particularly from providers affiliated with mobile networks.

What’s the Best Broadband for Home Working?

Depending on your usage, a home broadband connection may suffice, but check the terms and conditions. Ensure you have a fast fibre connection if you need to be logged on for hours at a time.

For tasks like email, web browsing, and occasional document sharing, a standard domestic 17Mb ADSL connection should suffice.

If you engage in frequent video calls and file transfers throughout the day, consider faster connections, unlimited usage, and business broadband.

What is Priority Network Access?

During peak internet usage times, business broadband prioritises your company's online operations over residential users. Y

This feature ensures your business can function online seamlessly, even during busy periods.

What's the Right Broadband Choice for a Small Business?

The ideal business broadband varies based on your business type.

Nowadays, even small businesses require fast speeds for e-commerce, website maintenance, and uninterrupted video calls.

Opting for fibre to the premises with gigabit speeds offers flexibility for online tasks and multiple devices.

How to Compare Business Broadband and Phone Packages?

Comparing business broadband and phone deals, either together or separately, depends on your location, which dictates available broadband speeds and phone packages.

To start, type your company postcode into our free deal checker. Our experts will then contact you to compare costs, speeds, and contract lengths from various business internet providers.

Once you've selected a package, we handle everything and keep you updated throughout the process. If you're interested in comparing business phone lines, we can assist with that too. Begin comparing our range of business broadband and phone deals today.

Business Broadband FAQs

When exploring business phone and broadband deals, bundling both from one supplier can be a savvy move. These packages often offer fibre broadband and phone or superfast fibre with phone, delivering both cost-effectiveness and convenience with just one monthly bill. However, ensure the bundle suits your needs without unnecessary extras.

Concerned about escalating call charges? Consider capping your business calls. Whether it's specific calls like international ones or everyday UK calls, discuss this requirement when signing up. Alternatively, explore unlimited calls packages for freedom to make endless calls at certain times, sans extra charges.

Achieving optimal WiFi signal entails a robust connection via a long-range wireless router, potentially supplemented by multiple routers and access points for larger offices. Strategically position your router centrally, away from obstructions or external walls. For areas with poor coverage, invest in a mesh WiFi system for seamless connectivity.

Absolutely! With more entrepreneurs opting for home-based operations, business broadband installation at home is increasingly common. Enjoy the perks of robust business-grade connectivity from the comfort of your home office or garden workspace.

Indeed, you can, under certain circumstances. If your limited company is the bill payer for business broadband, you may claim it as a tax-deductible expense. Consult with your accountant to ensure compliance and maximize your tax benefits.

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