No Upfront Fee Broadband

Ready to upgrade your broadband experience but worried about hidden fees?

Don't let upfront costs hold you back! While some providers tack on setup fees and installation charges, it’s not always the case. Newer and smaller companies often entice customers with 'no upfront cost' deals.

Keep in mind, if you choose a provider without free installation, you might face additional fees like setup charges, delivery costs for equipment, and installation fees for new lines or gear.

We’ve explained everything you need to consider before committing.

What Upfront Fees Might I Face?

When you sign up for a new broadband service, you could potentially face an additional one-time set of fees.

These charges can vary but typically include installation costs and setup fees.

Here are some examples:

Setup or activation fees:

  • These fees cover administrative costs associated with signing up for your new broadband service. They're common in shorter-term contracts and often used interchangeably with activation fees.

Delivery charges:

  • Some providers may include a small delivery fee when you sign up. This fee typically covers the cost of shipping your new Wi-Fi router or set-top box, especially if you've subscribed to a broadband and TV bundle. Expect this fee to range from £5 to £10

Installation charges:

  • If your new broadband service requires new equipment or a fresh broadband line, you may encounter installation fees. For example, transitioning from providers like BT, Sky, or TalkTalk to Virgin Media or Hyperoptic may necessitate installing a new cable or fibre-optic line. Similarly, signing up for TV services from Sky alongside your broadband might entail an installation fee for your dish and set-top box.

Installation charges can range from £20 to £100 and may still apply even if the broadband package offers free setup. Be sure to review these potential charges before finalising your decision.

How Long Does it Take to Set up Broadband?

Broadband installation times can vary depending on your chosen provider and the type of broadband you opt for. Typically, installations are scheduled about 10-14 days in advance.

The good news is that switching providers won't leave you disconnected for long. Your current connection will remain active until the installation date. Even if you require a physical installation that might cause brief downtime, it usually only takes a few hours at most.

Once the appointment is set, the actual installation process is swift. A straightforward setup can be completed by an engineer in just 30 minutes. However, if a new line needs to be installed on your property, it may take up to three hours.

What Types of Broadband Deals Come With Free Set Up?

Traditionally, free installation and set up were associated with standard/ADSL packages using existing BT copper phone lines.

Nowadays, it’s more common to see fibre broadband (*include link to broadband page*) packages without installation fees, depending on the provider's current promotions.

When it comes to advanced ‘full fibre’ FTTP services however, charges remain common as a more intricate set up process is involved.

Which Suppliers Offer Free Set Up?

Shell Energy Broadband - This energy-turned-internet provider typically offers no set up fee, nor do they impose price rises at the end of your contract - which you can learn more about in our recent blog. However, if your home lacks a phone line, you might incur a one-off fee for an engineer to install one. Additionally, there's also a one-time postage fee for the router that will be under £10.

TalkTalk - TalkTalk also typically includes free setup with most of its broadband deals. However, if you opt for a broadband and TV package, you may incur charges for new equipment.

Which Suppliers Occasionally Offer Free Set Up?

Sky broadband - Whilst the cost for a new phone line may start at just £20, Sky occasionally presents broadband packages without setup fees to entice new customers. These opportunities are uncommon, so our suggestion is to seize them promptly when they arise!

Virgin broadband – Virgin imposes a standard £35 activation fee on all its packages, whether it's standalone broadband or a complete bundle. To maximise your savings, keep an eye out for time-limited offers that waive this fee. Typically, these promotions run for a limited time, so if you come across one, it’s worth considering.

BT - BT broadband occasionally reduces or eliminates setup and delivery fees to entice new customers. Reward cards are also often included with its fibre broadband packages and broadband with TV bundles. However, if you require a new line installation, this could cost you up to £49.99.

We strive to promote the most cost-effective, exclusive deals from all the leading suppliers, as they hit the market. Take a look at our deal finder today and we can help you find the right broadband plan for you.

Pro’s and Con’s of No Upfront Cost Broadband

Even though free broadband sounds irresistible, it's not always a simple choice. Depending on your monthly expenses and any additional fees you may incur during the contract, you may want to consider whether it's wise to go with a broadband plan that has no upfront costs.

Here are the pros and cons of broadband without installation fees:


Cost-saving – Many internet providers impose hefty charges for installation and delivery, especially when including TV services in the bundle. Avoiding these fees can lead to significant savings, although it's crucial to ensure that the monthly broadband charges remain competitive and don't increase to offset the upfront savings. Exclusive broadband benefits – If you're seeking standalone broadband without bundled calls or TV options, you'll typically have access to a broader range of no-cost options.


Missed bundle opportunities – While providers like TalkTalk or BT might offer broadband and TV bundles without upfront costs, their limited selection of Freeview channels may not match up to offerings from Sky and Virgin Media, both of which typically charge for installation or activation. For those desiring quality broadband service with an extensive array of TV channels, paying extra might be unavoidable – unless you keep an eye on our comparison pages and seize a fee-free deal when available.

Limited top speeds – Upgrading to fibre from ADSL (*include ADSL page link*) often involves an expensive installation process. The internet deals offering the highest speeds are also likely to cost more per month. Therefore, if you require the fastest broadband speeds, you might have no choice but to pay a bit more.

Broadband and TV Bundles With No Upfront Fees

Broadband and TV packages typically incur additional setup, activation, or delivery charges. This is due to the added components like satellite dishes and TV boxes.

However, there are occasional opportunities where these fees are waived or reduced.

Keep an eye on our deal finder tool to seize these opportunities when they arise—you might just find a great deal without any upfront costs!


No upfront cost broadband deals are packages offered by internet service providers that do not require customers to pay any setup, activation, or delivery fees when signing up for a broadband service

With no upfront cost broadband deals, customers can enjoy the convenience of getting connected to the internet without having to pay any additional fees upfront. Instead, these fees are often absorbed or waived by the provider as part of promotional offers or to attract new customers.

While no upfront cost broadband deals eliminate the need for customers to pay initial fees, it's essential to review the terms and conditions carefully to ensure there are no hidden charges. Some providers may include other fees or charges in their packages, such as monthly subscription fees or usage charges.

No upfront cost broadband deals are available for various types of broadband, including ADSL, fibre-optic, and cable broadband. Customers can choose the type of broadband that best suits their needs without worrying about additional upfront charges.

To find the best no upfront cost broadband deal, customers can use our deal finder tool. It's essential to consider factors such as broadband speed, contract length, and any additional services included in the package to determine the best option for your requirements.

Yes, customers can switch to a no upfront cost broadband deal even if they are already with a different provider. However, it's essential to check for any early termination fees or contract obligations with your current provider before making the switch.

The duration of no upfront cost broadband deals can vary depending on the provider and the terms of the offer. Some deals may be promotional offers with a limited duration, while others may be available as part of standard package options. It's essential to check the terms and conditions for details on the deal's duration and any potential renewal or price changes after the initial period.

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