Sky broadband

With more than 24 million customers, Sky provides a variety of broadband, phone, TV, and mobile packages that can be customized to meet your requirements.

Established in 1989 as the UK’s pioneer satellite TV service, Sky has grown to become one of the country's largest broadband providers. They continue to excel in the TV market and are known for producing original content.

As a result, we’re proud to work with such a trusted and renowned provider.

Excellent Service: Sky frequently receives the fewest broadband-related Ofcom complaints.

Wide Range of Content: More channels and viewing options than any other TV provider are available with premium TV packages.

Wi-Fi Guaranteed: If you don't get Wi-Fi in every accommodation, you can get your money back on some packages.

Sky Broadband Deals

After BT, Sky is the second-biggest internet provider in the UK. Via the Openreach full fibre network, it provides a quality range of services with a broad variety of internet speeds, from 35Mbps to nearly gigabit rates of 900Mbps.

It should come as no surprise that millions of people appreciate Sky's well-known TV service and that it constantly releases fresh, cutting-edge TV items. Apart from providing Sky Q satellite TV service, Sky also offers a streaming box called Sky Stream and a smart TV called Sky Glass..

These new devices use Wi-Fi to get Sky content instead of a satellite dish. Similar to streaming services, it appears that this is how Sky's TV service will operate in the future when satellite TV is phased out and broadband takes over as the primary means of accessing pay TV.

Furthermore, Sky's TV and broadband offerings are more potent than ever since it can now support its more streaming-focused TV packages with ultrafast and "gigafast" broadband rates.

Types of Sky broadband deals


By using Openreach's FTTP network to link high-speed fibre-optic cables directly to your home, Sky provides an ultrafast full fibre solution. Therefore, if your home has this kind of connection, you might not need a copper phone line.

The service provider also offers a broadband-only plan in addition to its part-fibre offering. The Wi-Fi Guarantee and the option of Sky Broadband Boost are included with all Sky broadband packages. In the event that you are unable to receive reliable Wi-Fi in every room, this returns your money.

Broadband-only would be your best option if you're searching for a straightforward, no-frills broadband connection to work from home and stream Netflix or Disney Plus.

TV and broadband

Best renowned for its multiple award-winning digital TV offerings is Sky. A vast array of channels is available to you when you include TV with your Sky broadband service.

Over 300 channels, including Sky Atlantic, which broadcasts some of the biggest TV hits, are part of the regular Sky Signature TV package.

You can choose to add Sky Sports, where you can select which sports channels you want to watch, or take advantage of the entire 11-channel package. Sky Cinema offers 11 specialised channels in addition to a daily movie premiere.

Broadband and home phone

Sky in still One of the most well-liked broadband service providers for home phone services

Calls to UK landlines and mobiles are unrestricted during the evenings and weekends under the terms of the regular service; calls made outside of these times are subject to per-minute fees.

For a little monthly premium, you may upgrade your plan to include unlimited calls to anywhere in the world or international services.

TV, phone and broadband

You can also combine all three into a single package if you often utilise them all. This is probably going to be far less expensive than paying different providers for each.

All of Sky Talk's TV and broadband packages come with unlimited calls on the weekends and in the evenings.

Additionally, for a nominal monthly cost, the service can have anytime and International calls added to it.

Sky broadband key features

- Bundled phone, TV, internet, and mobile plans into a single plan with a single monthly charge

- Additional premium features that you can add or remove as needed

- More affordable access to the acclaimed Sky Q set-top box when using its TV plans

- HBO only offers blockbuster programs on Sky Atlantic.

- The ultimate on-demand package that includes Netflix and Disney Plus for one price in addition to over 500 Sky box sets

- Events and sports in real time in 4K Ultra HD

- With the Sky Go app, you can watch TV anywhere.

- Contracts lasting 18 months

Sky fibre broadband speeds

Sky does not provide a normal copper plan with 11Mbps broadband speeds; it only provides fiber internet. Its packages begin with 36Mbps part-fibre speeds and go up to 900Mbps in certain places.

below are a few of the various broadband speeds that Sky offers.

Sky Superfast Broadband - up to 61Mbps

If you're searching for fast, dependable broadband, Sky Superfast broadband is a great choice because it provides a part-fibre broadband connection that is generally available.

This indicates that fibre cables, which provide faster bandwidth and fewer connection problems, are used to service the majority of the connection in place of conventional copper phone lines.

Sky provides two superfast fibre deals on Switch Experts one for a slightly better 61Mbps speed and one for a more entry-level 36Mbps speed. For average-sized homes that wish to stream, share, and play games without any lag at all, these are perfect.

Sky Ultrafast Broadband - up to 500Mbps

Sky's Ultrafast Broadband connects fibre straight from the broadband exchange to your home, offering even faster and more dependable internet than superfast fibre, using Openreach's expanding complete fibre network. For its Ultrafast Plus connection, Sky Ultrafast Broadband provides average download rates of 145 Mbps, with a maximum speed of 500 Mbps.

For heavy broadband users and large homes with many devices streaming videos or playing online games simultaneously, these speeds are an excellent choice.

With Sky internet Ultrafast, it will be easier than ever to work with large files, stream in 4K, and play high Quality online games.

Sky Gigafast Broadband - 900Mbps

The fastest broadband plan offered by the operator, Sky Gigafast, is another connection that makes use of Openreach's whole fibre network. It provides average speeds of 900 Mbps, which are comparable to the quickest offers from other full fibre providers.

In all likelihood, no household will truly profit from this speed in comparison to Sky's Ultrafast offerings. As the need for the internet grows over the next few years, this incredibly fast connection will probably become much more enticing.

What's the Sky Internet Speed in my Area?

While Sky's part-fibre broadband is available to over 97% of the UK, their ultrafast offerings are not as broadly accessible. Therefore, your maximum Sky speed would be either 61Mbps if you can receive Sky Superfast or 900Mbps if you can access Sky Ultrafast, depending on what's available at your house.

The precise speeds will vary based on the user's location, and a home's performance is influenced by a number of factors. Sky has enrolled in the optional broadband speed Code of Practice offered by Ofcom. This implies that you will receive a customised estimate of the precise speed your home should be able to receive before to signing up for a service.

You will be entitled to terminate your contract and transfer to a different provider without incurring any penalties if your performance falls short of these minimums and the firm is unable to correct it in 30 days.

You may also take use of Sky's Broadband Boost package for an additional £5 per month. In addition to flexible engineer visits and daily line checks for faults, this offers Sky's Wi-Fi Guarantee, which guarantees excellent wireless coverage in every room of your house or your money back.

Using our broadband postcode checker is the easiest method to find out how fast Sky's broadband is in your region. It will also tell you what deals are available and what speeds to anticipate.

Sky broadband installation

Sky Q Hub router

The Sky Q Hub, the company's flagship router, has received high marks for performance—particularly in terms of guaranteeing a dependable connection across your house.

The router, which is included as standard with Sky's fibre broadband packages, employs the faster 5GHz band for Wi-Fi performance and can even be wired internally in your home to connect to a Sky Q set-top box.

Sky Q Hub set-up

Since everything you need is in the box and you can connect the accompanying cables to a power source and the master phone outlet in your house, setting up the Sky Q hub should be easy.

But, if you require additional assistance, Sky's online support page provides easy-to-follow instructions for both the Sky Q hub and the other routers Sky offers.

Sky broadband customer service

There are a number of ways for you to contact Sky customer service.

The company's website has a comprehensive library of online FAQs that address anything from setup questions to security primers. In addition, you may contact the company by phone, email, Facebook Messenger, or SMS for support.

You can reach a Sky customer support representative by phone at 0800 759 1467. For Sky Talk users, this service is free; for other users, it will be charged at the same cost as 01 or 02 numbers. Seven days a week, from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., lines are open.

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