Unlimited Broadband

Unlimited broadband deals grant you the freedom to stream, download, and play games without data restrictions.

With an average of 453GB used per UK connection monthly, understanding if unlimited truly means limitless is essential. Learn more in our comprehensive guide.

What is Unlimited Broadband?

Unlimited broadband ensures you can browse, stream, download, game, and shop online without worrying about data caps.

In the past, broadband packages often imposed download allowances, but nowadays, almost all home broadband deals offer unlimited usage for a fixed monthly fee.

Why is Unlimited Broadband Essential?

In today's digital age, we're constantly online, whether for work, entertainment, or staying connected. With each online activity consuming data, unlimited broadband has become indispensable. Here's why you might benefit from it:

  • If you're part of a household where multiple people are online simultaneously, each with their own devices.
  • If you regularly stream TV shows and movies on platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime.
  • If you share a home with others and everyone relies on internet access.
  • If you enjoy watching catch-up TV programs.
  • If you download and play online video games with friends.
  • If you subscribe to music streaming services like Spotify.
  • If you own a smart TV that connects to the internet for streaming content.

Unlimited broadband ensures seamless internet usage without worrying about data caps or restrictions, making it an essential utility for modern living.

How Much Data Do I Consume?

Here's a breakdown of typical online activities and the amount of data they typically consume. If you frequently engage in data-heavy tasks, unlimited broadband may be the best option for you:

  • Watching a 2-hour high-definition film: 4.2 GB
  • Watching a 2-hour standard-definition film: 1.9 GB
  • Streaming 1 hour of online catch-up TV: 644 MB
  • Streaming 1 hour of video content: 429 MB
  • Listening to one album (approximately 10 tracks): 80 MB
  • Playing online games for 1 hour: 43 MB

These estimates provide insight into your data usage patterns and can help determine whether an unlimited broadband plan suits your needs.

Which Providers Offer Unlimited Broadband?

Virtually all UK providers now offer unlimited broadband deals, making it increasingly rare to find plans with data caps. Even budget-friendly options like Plusnet, Onestream, TalkTalk, and others, provide unlimited data with their standard packages.

Today, limited downloads are typically associated with mobile and satellite broadband services.

What Is Truly Unlimited Broadband?

Truly unlimited broadband grants you the freedom to download and browse without restrictions, ensuring optimal speeds at all times. However, some "unlimited" packages may have traffic management policies, imposing limitations on downloads during specific hours or throttling download speeds during peak times, as outlined in your contract.

Do I Really Need Unlimited Broadband?

Whether you require truly unlimited broadband hinges on your internet usage habits. If you only use the internet sporadically, perhaps for streaming shows on Netflix or scrolling through social media, then actively seeking out a truly unlimited broadband deal might not be necessary. However, if you find yourself frequently online, downloading music, gaming, working from home, or have a large household, it could be worthwhile. Nonetheless, most broadband packages nowadays come with unlimited data allowances, so it's not a major concern. What's more critical is the download speeds you receive.

What Download Speeds are Available with Unlimited Broadband?

The download speeds you can access depend on the type of connection provided by your service provider. ADSL connections typically offer the slowest speeds, reaching a maximum of 24Mbps (megabits per second). Superfast fibre connections can offer download speeds of up to 80Mbps and are accessible to the majority of households in the UK. The newest cable and full fibre connections boast lightning-fast download speeds of up to 10Gbps (gigabits per second), although they're not widely accessible across the UK yet.

Can I get Unlimited Broadband as Part of a Bundle?

Certainly! Opting for an unlimited broadband bundle is an excellent way to save money. You have the option to choose from various unlimited broadband bundle deals, including:

  • Broadband and phone packages
  • Broadband and TV packages
  • Broadband, TV, and home phone packages

How Much Does Unlimited Broadband Cost?

The cost of unlimited broadband varies among providers and depends on factors such as the type of connection and download speeds offered. Get in touch with our team to discover prices on the latest deals in your area.

Which Providers Offer the Cheapest Unlimited Broadband?

Typically, Onestream, TalkTalk, Shell Energy, and Plusnet are considered budget-friendly options for unlimited broadband. However, prices can differ based on your location and any introductory offers available, so it's advisable to use our deal finder tool and get expert advice before making a decision.

Who is the Best Unlimited Broadband Provider?

Determining the top unlimited broadband provider in the UK isn't straightforward, as it depends on individual preferences. However, here are some noteworthy points:

Plusnet received accolades for best customer service, value, and overall performance at the Expert Reviews Best Broadband Awards 2022, as voted by consumers.

Virgin Media offers the fastest average download speeds, although availability varies.

Sky and EE received the fewest complaints among broadband providers in a 2021 Ofcom survey.

Unlimited Broadband and Fair Usage Policies

As you might have guessed, unlimited broadband isn't always entirely limitless. If you're using an ADSL line, you're sharing your internet connection with nearby properties. Add to that the fact that there's a cap on the amount of data ADSL lines can transmit, and broadband providers often have no choice but to implement some form of restriction on heavy downloaders.

To prevent 'super users' from unfairly slowing down the connection for others, ISPs implement fair usage policies.

Fair usage policies are designed to manage online traffic fairly by limiting connection speeds during peak times.

Find the Right Unlimited Broadband Deal For You

Looking for the right unlimited broadband deal? We can assist you in comparing options. Whether you need bundle packages or truly unlimited broadband, we'll help you assess costs to ensure you get a great deal.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can. Several UK providers now offer unlimited broadband without requiring a landline. These include Virgin Media, BT, TalkTalk, EE, and Shell Energy. However, note that opting for unlimited broadband without a landline may not necessarily lead to cost savings.

A fair usage policy may apply to packages labelled as unlimited, imposing limits on monthly downloads before connection speed reduction or other measures are taken. While such policies are becoming less common and typically feature high data limits, heavy internet users or those expecting uninterrupted fibre speeds should be aware of them.

Certain providers, such as BT, Hyperoptic, and Community Fibre, offer discounted unlimited broadband deals for eligible households receiving specific government benefits like Universal Credit. These tailored deals cater to around 4.2 million households nationwide on benefits, requiring proof of eligibility, usually via a national insurance number.

Switching to a new unlimited broadband deal is typically straightforward. You can select a date for the switch, and the new provider will handle the transfer process, often sending a new router by post. Unless an engineer visit is required, there should be minimal or no disruption to your internet service. Early termination fees may apply if switching before the current contract ends.

Utilise our broadband comparison service by entering your postcode to view available deals in your area. From there, select the option that best suits your needs. All broadband deals featured on Compare the Market offer unlimited data.

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