TV and Broadband Bundles

Bundled TV broadband deals offer the convenience of paying one bill for both TV and internet services.

This single monthly fee may be more cost-effective than signing up for these services separately from different providers.

Our experts have explained below what to expect when you start shopping around for broadband & TV bundles.

What's Included In A TV and Broadband Bundle?

Typically, fibre broadband with TV services. Providers like Sky and Virgin Media offer extensive TV packages, while others like EE and TalkTalk offer simpler options with Freeview channels and streaming apps. NOW's packages offer NOW TV memberships for streaming flexibility.

Should I opt for a Broadband and TV Bundle?

Considering a broadband and TV package? It's worth it for the perks: discounts, freebies, and the convenience of a single bill.

But, before you dive in, consider:

  • Your TV usage: If you stream more than you watch live TV, a standalone broadband and streaming subscription might suit you better.
  • Provider options: Fewer providers offer both broadband and TV, limiting your choices.
  • Future Flexibility: Switching providers later may be trickier. Ensure you're comfortable with potential complications.

What Types of TV Packages are Available?

You can access TV in your home through four main methods:

  • Satellite: This involves installing a satellite dish on the exterior of your home, necessary for viewing live TV via Sky Q. Note that this differs from satellite broadband.
  • Cable: Provided exclusively by Virgin Media, this method utilizes an underground cable to deliver your TV signal.
  • Internet TV: Offered by providers like Sky, Virgin, and BT, this option allows access to on-demand television content, excluding live broadcasts.
  • Streaming: Services such as Netflix, Prime, or iPlayer deliver content via smart TVs, gaming consoles, and other devices.

Is A Broadband & TV Bundle Right for You?

Over 40% of UK customers are opting for broadband and TV bundles, and for good reason. Here's why you might find them beneficial:

A broadband and TV deal could save you money by bundling multiple services together instead of paying for them separately.

If you're a regular user of pay-tv services like Sky Sports, Sky Atlantic, or TNT Sports, a TV and broadband bundle could result in significant yearly savings.

Many bundles now include access to popular streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Disney Plus, potentially saving you money on multiple subscriptions.

Consolidating your broadband and TV services simplifies bill management and monthly subscriptions.

Some of the leading internet providers offer special discounts when you add more of their services to your contract during signup.

Can I Choose A Broadband, TV and Landline Package?

Certainly! Most popular providers in the UK, including Sky, Virgin Media, BT, TalkTalk, Vodafone, and NOW TV, offer bundled deals that include broadband, phone, and TV services.

Typically, broadband packages already include line rental, which is essential for delivering the internet connection to your home. Depending on the provider and the specific bundle you choose, you might start with a basic "Pay as you go" phone plan, or opt for a more comprehensive package. For instance, Virgin Media's bundles may include weekend or anytime calls.

Moreover, you'll have the option to customise your phone package by adding extras such as:

  • Evening and weekend calls
  • Anytime calls
  • Monthly minutes
  • International calls
  • Premium calls
  • Mobile phone calls

Can I Get Broadband and TV Without a Telephone Line?

While many broadband and TV packages include line rental, there are options available for standalone deals without a landline.

Virgin Media, for instance, provides internet connections independently of a phone line, allowing you to opt for a broadband and TV bundle without one.

Similarly, BT offers broadband services without requiring a home phone subscription.

Speak to our agents to find out what sort of deal you would benefit from, depending on your individual circumstances.

Can I Get TV with Just Broadband?

It's unlikely to find a TV bundle deal with only broadband. To access services like Freeview, catch-up, and on-demand, you'll typically need a dedicated landline or Virgin Media's fibre optic cables connected to your property.

If you prefer not to have a home phone line, you might consider getting broadband-only and TV deals separately. Alternatively, you could explore mobile broadband options using the 4G or 5G network. However, finding a deal that includes a TV package with a single provider might be challenging.

Even with line rental, broadband, TV, and phone bundles can often be more cost-effective. If you don't intend to use your landline for calls, you can simply refrain from plugging in your phone.

Which Providers Offer TV and Broadband Bundles?

We’ve covered the main offerings from all the leading suppliers.

Virgin Media

As a key player in the TV arena, Virgin Media offers extensive TV packages known as "Big bundles," featuring a range of pre-selected channels and services.

From basic plans with free-to-air channels to comprehensive packages with exclusive live TV, Virgin Media caters to diverse preferences. Plans vary from 100+ to over 230 channels, some including TNT Sports and Sky channels.

The top-tier bundle offers TNT Sports, Sky channels, Netflix, ultrafast broadband, an Anytime calls plan, and an O2 SIM.


Sky TV is renowned for its quality. Bundled with broadband, it's a top choice for many households.

With Sky's broadband and TV bundles, you can combine fibre broadband with Sky Q box, Sky Glass smart TV, or Sky Stream. Customize your plan with add-ons like Sky Sports, TNT Sports, and Sky Cinema.

Choose from sports, entertainment, or movies, tailoring your plan to your preferences. Netflix and Disney+ are available on a rolling monthly contract, included in your Sky bill.


BT, a leading broadband provider, offers diverse broadband and TV packages.

Select from five TV packages, featuring monthly add-ons. The Entertainment package includes Netflix and Sky Atlantic, while the Sport package offers access to live Premier League and Europa League games.

TalkTalk TV

TalkTalk full fibre broadband customers can add the TalkTalk TV Hub for a nominal fee.

Access 70+ live Freeview channels, on-demand players, and streaming apps like Netflix and Prime. Enjoy 4K Ultra HD streaming with Dolby Atmos sound.

What to Consider When Choosing TV Deals

When selecting a TV package, it's essential to determine your viewing preferences. Whether you prioritise live TV or prefer streaming content, knowing what you want helps you find the right fit. Consider the channels offered and the cost to ensure you're not paying for services you won't use.

Popular providers like Sky, Virgin Media, and BT offer extensive selections of live TV and exclusive content. However, if you prefer streaming services like Netflix or Prime, providers like EE, TalkTalk, or Vodafone may be more suitable.

Additionally, many providers allow customisation of TV plans with add-on services. These may include sports channels, kids' channels, or movies. You can often tailor your plan by selecting specific channels or channel sets.

Other factors to consider when choosing a TV deal include:

  • Ability to record, pause, or rewind live TV
  • Access to on-demand shows or movies
  • Availability of TV on other devices such as laptops, tablets, or mobiles
  • Need for a satellite dish installation outside your home (required for Sky Q)

Should I Stick With Broadband Only and Use Streaming Sites?

Surprisingly, you might find that it’s cheaper to bundle your services in comparison to getting a broadband-only deal – despite the fact that you get more included!

Even if you don’t watch much TV, most bundled deals these days also include streaming site apps. With some special promotions, you might even a free subscription thrown into your deal!

By taking out two different service contracts, this also gives you more freedom to switch in the future, rather than stay tied down by one supplier.

What Channels Can I Get with a Broadband and TV Deal?

The channels you can access depend on your chosen provider, with sports channels often vying for exclusive coverage.

For instance:

BT Sport broadcasts European Champions League, Europa League, and Europa Conference League football matches, along with selected Premier League matches and Premiership Rugby.

Sky Sports offers top football, golf, cricket, and boxing coverage.

Virgin TV provides a blend of both Sky and BT sport channels.

Sky TV boasts the coveted Sky Atlantic and a range of Sky box sets featuring UK and US series, including many popular shows.

You can record up to six shows while watching a seventh on devices like the Virgin Media TV 360 box or the Sky Q 2TB digital recording box. However, additional fees may apply for these features with certain packages. Ensure your TV has the necessary HDMI inputs for connection. Often, you can add channels from different providers for an extra fee.

Packages may also include:

Access to Netflix or other streaming services

On-demand TV options (such as All 4 or BBC iPlayer)

Live streaming to your computer, mobile device, and TV

Our Advice on Finding the Right TV and Broadband Bundle

When selecting a broadband and TV deal, consider what matters most to you. Here's what to keep in mind:

Speed: Determine your internet usage needs. For heavy usage like streaming and gaming, opt for high-speed fibre broadband. For lighter use such as browsing, ADSL broadband should suffice.

Download Limits: Match your data limit to your usage. Light users may need around 10GB/month, while heavy users should opt for unlimited data to avoid extra charges.

Availability: Check broadband availability in your area. Rural areas may have limited options, while urban areas may offer faster speeds with fibre to the premises (FTTP) service.

Equipment: Assess if you need new hardware for your chosen broadband bundle, like routers or TV boxes. Verify if these are included in the package or require additional fees.

Freebies: Look out for special offers like tech gifts, cashback, or vouchers that enhance the value of your bundle.

Channels: Consider the number and relevance of channels offered. Quality matters more than quantity, so focus on channels you actually watch.

Add-ons: Explore add-on options for sports, films, and kids' channels. As previously mentioned, some providers also offer streaming subscriptions like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

Customer Support: Check customer ratings for each provider. Reliable customer support can be crucial during service outages or technical issues.

By considering these factors, you can find the broadband and TV deal that best suits your needs and preferences.

Broadband and TV Bundle FAQs

Combined broadband and TV deals typically run for 12 to 18 months. If you sign up, you're committed to this period, and leaving early may incur cancellation fees. Be aware of these charges beforehand to avoid surprises.

Some deals offer introductory rates for new customers, but check when the full rate kicks in. Line rental might be included or an additional cost, which you can pay upfront or spread across monthly payments.

Whether you need a phone line depends on the broadband type available to you. ADSL and most fibre connections require a phone line. Only fibre to the premises (FTTP) bypasses this need, but it's less widely available. Alternatively, consider mobile broadband, which offers increasing speeds.

Switching is straightforward, and it could save you money. Your new provider handles most of the process; you just need to arrange cancellation and start-up dates.

Consider these tips:

Broadband Speed: Assess your usage needs. ADSL might suffice for light users, while fibre suits heavy users.

Channels: Opt for a package with channels you actually watch to save costs.

Contract Length: Longer contracts may offer better rates but ensure you're comfortable committing to them.

Set-up Charges: Look for deals with no upfront fees to save on installation and equipment costs.

Shop Around: Compare deals to find the best fit for your needs and budget.

Our experts have made it easy to browse the latest deals in your area. Enter your postcode to explore bundles from various providers, helping you find the ideal option. Ready to find your perfect match? Start searching for offers now.

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