Virgin Media Broadband

Virgin Media is one of the largest broadband suppliers in the UK. They proudly also run and maintain their own network, making them stand out from the crowd – especially in certain areas.

Here are the different variants of broadband packages that you can get with Virgin Media.

Virgin Media broadband only deals

Virgin Media broadband is available separately and as a bundle.

If you're looking for a broadband-only deal; there's no need to sign up for a Virgin phone line or TV package.

Unlike the Openreach part-fibre network, Virgin Media's fibre network employs cutting-edge technologies to supply broadband connections.

Because its ultrafast (and even gigabit) connections have been accessible for a lot longer than those of the companies who rely on Openreach's network, it is therefore able to supply high-speed broadband more extensively than the latter.

They begin with an average download speed of 132 Mbps with Switch Experts and can reach up to 1.1 Gbps (1100 Mbps).

Virgin Media broadband and home phone deals

In addition to free weekend calls to UK landlines via Virgin Mobile numbers, they also come with a Virgin Media home phone line.

Depending on your needs, you can add a number and further extras, such as free weekend calls to all mobiles and evening or anytime calls to UK or international lines.

Your home phone will function over Virgin Media's cable network rather than the standard Openreach copper phone lines because it operates its own infrastructure.

Virgin Media TV and broadband bundles

A variety of TV packages are available from Virgin Media and can be added to any of their Internet bundles. These include the Bigger Combo Bundle, which increases the channel count to over 195 and includes premium services like Sky Showcase and a variety of HD services, and its Big Bundle, which delivers more than 100 channels.

Virgin Media offers the entire lineup of Sky Cinema channels and sports bundles, so you may also add films or sports packages from other providers to your plan.

The Virgin TV 360 set-top box, which provides Virgin with its most cutting-edge entertainment experience to date, is also included with Virgin TV packages.

You may create profiles to receive customised recommendations for every family in addition to the standard pause, rewind, and record features.

Virgin Media TV, broadband and phone deals

Virgin Media and O2 recently combined their broadband services, which are blazingly fast, with O2's extensive national mobile network.

Although Virgin Mobile was already a well-liked network, Virgin Media users may now combine all their home phone, mobile phone, internet, and TV services into a single convenient bundle and receive a more complete package than before thanks to the merger and creation of VMO2.

Exclusive Volt features, such as doubling your mobile data and broadband speed for free, are available to customers on Virgin Media broadband and O2 mobile.

Virgin Media broadband speed

Virgin Media is able to offer superior speeds to many other internet providers, comparable to the full fibre speeds that are already accessible to half of the country, because it uses its own dedicated fibre network.

- M125 Fibre Broadband

At Switch Experts ,the M125 Fibre Broadband is the slowest Virgin Media deal ( double the UK Average) and can manage up to nine devices. Its faster than standard 100Mb fibre-optic broadband. Feel free to game online in one room while someone’s watching an ultra-HD film in another.

- M250 Fibre Broadband

Virgin's M250 package delivers average download speeds of 264Mbps and upload rates of 25Mbps, making it ideal for larger residences with ten or more devices that need to connect to the internet simultaneously.

- M350 Fibre Broadband

This is the ideal option if everyone in your residence uses the internet a lot and wants to play competitive online games and stream in 4K on numerous devices. With an average speed of 362Mbps is the average download speed of M350 Fibre Broadband (that’s 5x faster than the UK’s average speed). Average upload speeds are 36Mbps.

- M500 Fibre Broadband

The most demanding users can experience blazing-fast download speeds of up to 516 Mbps and, on average, equally outstanding upload rates of 36 Mbps.

It would be challenging to fully utilise this lightning-fast bundle, but if you live in a residence full of power users, where everyone is running demanding computer software on numerous devices and playing 4K video games, you would benefit from it.

- Gigabit Broadband

Following a network upgrade last year that enabled gigabit internet speeds (1000Mbps and higher), Virgin Media subscribers now enjoy the best broadband speeds in the nation.

The average download speed of Virgin Media Gig1 broadband is 1130 Mbps, while the average upload speed is 52 Mbps.

Although it's nearly impossible for anyone to exceed this speed limit at the time, the more important thing is to future-proof your property than to focus on what you can do with it now.

Gigabit broadband will make it possible for us to utilise home gadgets more easily and smoothly as they use more internet in the upcoming decades.

What are the best Virgin broadband deals?

In comparison to most other fibre broadband providers, the bulk of Virgin Media internet connections offer ultrafast speeds in more locations. Therefore, be aware that Virgin Media may have slightly higher costs if you decide to sign up (depending on the bundle you choose).

Although some carriers may offer a speed-to-price ratio that is superior to Virgin Media's 56%, these companies are often smaller and have less coverage throughout the United Kingdom.

Virgin Media offers broadband plans with up to 1.1Gbps of choice; however, the monthly cost of these plans increases with the desired speed of the internet. Because of this, it's a good idea to assess how much internet your family uses and select a broadband speed that can meet your demands without becoming noticeably more expensive.

How to get Virgin Media broadband

Virgin Media is still accessible to about 56% of UK properties, although not being as extensively available as fibre internet options that utilise Openreach's network. Try using the Switch Experts postcode checker to find out if Virgin Media is available in your area

There are still a couple methods to sign up if you already know that Virgin Media is available in your area.

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